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November 2017 Archives

Business law: What to do when a contract is breached

Business owners in Wisconsin understand the time and attention to detail that is required to run a successful operation. Many take pride in their dedication to their business and its practices. However, some owners overlook a basic aspect of business law -- how to enforce a breached contract.

Workplace Age Discrimination Explained

Technically speaking, age discrimination in the workplace is illegal. It was made that way by the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, or ADEA, some 50 years ago. This federal law was specifically intended to protect workers who were 40 years or older in age from being mistreated in the workplace in favor of younger workers and applied to employers with more than 19 employees.

Pregnant women still face ongoing workplace discrimination

Having a child is often one of the greatest joys for Wisconsin parents. However, many working women struggle with telling their employer or potential future employer that they are expecting. Workplace discrimination against pregnant women is a real and ongoing issue with which many women struggle, and it may impact their ability to find and maintain gainful employment.

Wisconsin business law can be complicated -- get help first

Setting out on a new business venture can be an exciting part of your life. You may have had your business idea simmering in the back of your head for years, waiting for the right time to move forward. However, Wisconsin business law can be complicated, and small mistakes can add up, possibly compromising the security of your venture. Guidance from an experienced counsel can often help create a solid business foundation.

Four Facts About Harassment At Work

The actresses who have publicly addressed allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein have revived a national conversation about the problem of sexual harassment in the workplace. Many women have shared their own stories of harassment in day to day life on social media, putting the issue in a new perspective for friends and family. It has been more than 30 years since the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed sexual harassment as a form of discrimination. Yet, it continues to be a huge problem.

Workplace discrimination allegedly rampant at Tesla factory

Work should be a safe environment in which employees can complete their assigned tasks without worry. Unfortunately, many people in Wisconsin and across the rest of the United States continue to face ongoing discrimination from their employers. Several workers recently accused auto manufacturer Tesla of serious acts of workplace discrimination at one of its facilities.

Whistleblowing VA dentist placed on administrative leave

VA patients rely on timely consultations and treatments for their injuries, many of which might be severe or stemming from their service in the armed forces. Unfortunately, VA patients in Wisconsin and elsewhere often face long wait times, and one dentist claims she knows why. Currently in an administrative position as a result of being targeted for whistleblowing, she blames much of the dental care weight times on paperwork.

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