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Abri Health Plan, Inc., pays $4.8 million settling health care fraud claim

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2011 | Whistleblowing |

In 2011, Abri Health Plan, Inc., of Germantown, WI, who was doing business as Today’s Health and selling Medicare Part C coverage plans, agreed to pay $4.8 million to settle a health care fraud claim filed by Cross Law Firm, S.C. Universal American Financial Corp. of Missouri controlled Abri Health Plan Inc.

In the complaint filed under the False Claims Act in 2008, Cross Law Firm, S.C.‘s clients alleged that the company misrepresented its Medicare Part C coverage plans in violation of federal regulations by withholding essential information about the products and signing up some customers without their consent. Cross Law Firm, S.C.‘s clients together were awarded nearly $1 million, including the share from the government’s recovery, attorneys’ fees and damages from retaliation.

This settlement also involved allegations of kickbacks to doctors for referrals and to beneficiaries who purchased the plans, misleading beneficiaries and signing up beneficiaries without their consent. Cross Law Firm, S.C., was proud to represent these clients who stood up for what was right, at their own risk, to protect a vulnerable elderly population.