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Mental illness leaves some vulnerable to workplace discrimination

Health problems in the workplace are a sensitive matter that can be difficult to discuss. Although workplace discrimination on the basis of health is illegal, it still happens in Wisconsin. This issue is particularly complicated for workers who suffer from mental illnesses and need accommodations in the workplace. Unlike other with more visible health problems, demonstrating discrimination based on mental health can be challenging.

Does HR really address workplace discrimination?

Workers often perceive human resource departments as safe places to report workplace problems, such as sexual harassment. However, those feelings might be misplaced. HR departments often prioritize protecting employers over employees by preventing or policing investigations regarding allegations of sexual harassment and other forms of workplace discrimination. 

EEOC investigating fewer workplace discrimination claims

Filing a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is an important step for people who have been discriminated against at work. Victims trust the EEOC to thoroughly investigate claims of workplace discrimination, but this is not always the case. Some Wisconsin workers might have already had to deal with their cases being closed without any type of investigation.

Female McDonald's workers describe workplace discrimination

Employees in Wisconsin and across the rest of the country should be able to go to work without worrying about unwanted sexual advances or harassment. This type of workplace discrimination is sadly still a widespread problem. When companies do not handle these issues, it is sometimes up to the workers to take matters into their own hands.

Workplace discrimination often aimed at older workers

Growing older is a luxury not afforded to everyone. But while there may be many benefits to celebrating more birthdays, such as greater life experience and social opportunities, there are also drawbacks. According to some people, workplace discrimination against older workers is preventing them from finding and maintaining gainful employment.

Retaliation and workplace discrimination are still common

No matter what field or industry you are employed in, you should be able to report harassment, discrimination and employer wrongdoing without fear of retaliation. Unfortunately, this form of workplace discrimination still happens frequently in Wisconsin. Here are a few things you should know about retaliation, its causes and the common forms it takes.

Former Walmart workers allege workplace discrimination

Finding employment after an arrest or criminal conviction can be difficult. Employers in Wisconsin generally run background checks on potential employees, and many will not hire people who have been convicted of certain crimes. When these individuals finally find gainful employment, suffering workplace discrimination because of that past can be especially painful.

Google allegedly still has workplace discrimination problem

From searching the internet to accessing email, many people in Wisconsin use Google's products and services on a regular basis. What these users might not know is that the company is dealing with ongoing issues of workplace discrimination. After two women organized a walkout to protest gender discrimination within the company, Google is facing new accusations.

Settlement reached for police chief's workplace discrimination

In a discrimination case that made national headlines, a city in another state recently agreed to pay a settlement to a former police chief. The city also agreed to implement reform in the police department in order to prevent future incidents of the same nature. Obtaining financial compensation and pushing a company or employer to make critical changes are both driving factors in some workplace discrimination claims in Wisconsin.

Woman reaches settlement for workplace discrimination

Many Wisconsin workers fear reporting instances of discrimination and harassment out of fear that they will face retaliation for their actions. This became the reality for an out-of-state former prison guard who reported on-the-job sexual harassment. After filing suits over the resulting workplace discrimination, she managed to reach settlements on both of her claims.

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