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Types of retaliation that may not be obvious

It is important for all employees to understand that they do not have to put up with retaliation in the workplace after bringing discrimination to the attention of the employer. Workers generally have plenty of rights they can exercise if they feel they received retaliatory unfair treatment

Why won't my former employer give me a reference?

If you left your last job in good standing, you are likely hoping to keep professional connections with that employer in the future. These become especially important if you decide to seek employment again. Having a former employer provide a reference can make a big difference in your ability to earn a new job.

Does employment law protect against retaliation?

Wisconsin employees are often forced into difficult situations when dealing with unlawful behavior at work -- suffer through it, or report it and face possible retaliation. Employment law is clear that employers may not retaliate against workers who bring misconduct to their attention. Unfortunately, an untold number of Wisconsin workers continue to face volatile work environments for trying to report unlawful incidents or behaviors.

5 Ways A Manager Might Be Retaliating Against You

If you have made a complaint at work related to Equal Employment Opportunity laws, you may be at risk for retaliation from your boss. A boss who fires an employee after that person has made an EEO complaint is an obvious form of retaliation. However, sometimes the retaliation is not as clear.

Problems At Work? Here's Why You Shouldn't Quit Yet

It's another work day. If you are unhappy at your job, just the thought of it most likely fills you with dread. Then a quick look at your calendar shows you also have a meeting with your boss today. The level of dread multiplies, and once again, you find yourself thinking about quitting.

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