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Small business law: Do you understand worker privacy?

Running a business requires a certain level of knowledge regarding all facets of daily operations. It is natural for entrepreneurs to have a hand in everything and to know what is going on, especially among workers. However, some business owners feel worried that they may accidentally take things a step or so too far. While worker privacy is protected by small business law, Wisconsin employers are also afforded a certain level of protection when monitoring employees.

Will the Paycheck Fairness Act affect small business law?

Small businesses often hire from within the communities in which they operate. Because of this, most business owners are eager to pay their workers both fairly and well. However, the recently introduced Paycheck Fairness Act might be confusing for some people in Wisconsin. Here is what owners should understand how this statute will impact small business law.

Small business law: Software company alleges contract violation

Contracts are essential for protecting small businesses, customers, employees and many others. Whether for employment purposes or for detailing business transactions, contracts should protect everyone involved. Unfortunately, contracts are sometimes called into question. This aspect of small business law can be extremely frustrating.

Small business law: dealing with trademark infringement

Utilizing unique designs, logos, names and symbols helps set small businesses apart in a world where technology is often vying for customers' attention. Wisconsin business owners often trademark these unique aspects of their company, but that does not necessarily stop other people from infringing on those trademarks. Here are a few things some business owners might find important about trademarks and small business law.

How does the new tax code affect small business law?

Virtually no one in Wisconsin particularly enjoys tax season, but these feelings may be especially pronounced among small business owners. Filing taxes can be a time-consuming and confusing task for entrepreneurs and those who run their own businesses. The whole process might seem even more confusing since the implementation of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, so here are a few ways in which those changes affect small business law.

Making your nonprofit a tax-exempt organization

Nonprofit organizations perform many essential functions and services for disenfranchised individuals in Wisconsin. In order to better serve their communities, many nonprofits focus on achieving tax-exempt status, which allows them to operate without worry of shelling out their donated funds during tax season. However, to become tax-exempt, an organization must first qualify under one of five categories.

Diffusing small business law disputes

As a small business owner in Wisconsin, protecting yourself and your business interests during litigation is important. In some instances, litigation may not even be the necessary consequence of a dispute. Whether you need to prevent impending litigation by diffusing a dispute or are currently in the throws of complicated legal actions, you need someone who is experienced in small business law on your side.

Does small business law deal with contracts?

Entrepreneurs embarking on their first startup experience might expect to spend more time on the creative aspect of their businesses and less on the nitty-gritty legal side of things. However, any time that a person starts a business in Wisconsin he or she will need to deal important issues pertaining to small business law. This includes writing comprehensive and enforceable contracts. 

Small business law is complicated -- we make it easier

There are few things in life more satisfying than starting your own business. Unfortunately, there are also few things that are more complicated. From the initial idea to business formation and contracts, suddenly every decision is on your shoulders. Like most business owners in Wisconsin, you probably realize you need help navigating the world of small business law.

Does my dispute fall under business law?

Nothing can derail your output and efficiency quite like a business dispute. If the dispute drags on for too long or is serious enough, it might even lead to litigation, which can be costly and time consuming for Wisconsin professionals. When dealing with this type of issue, understanding how business law applies is important for achieving the most favorable outcome possible.

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