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August 2019 Archives

Job applicants experience workplace discrimination, too

From preparing resumes to familiarizing themselves with the specifics of various positions, job applicants in Wisconsin put in a lot of time and effort when applying and interviewing for new employment. All of that preparation can make it extremely disheartening to be turned down for a job that a person believes he or she is qualified for. Although most people associated workplace discrimination with on-the-job problems, discrimination can start much earlier than that.

Employment law: Was I supposed to get overtime pay?

Workers in Wisconsin usually want to do a good job at work, put in the required hours -- or more -- and receive fair compensation for their efforts. Sadly, some employers try to get out of paying workers what they deserve. If you are not sure whether your boss violated employment law regarding your compensation, keep some of the following in mind.

Is whistleblowing protected by law?

Companies and businesses must never retaliate against employees who acted as whistleblowers. Even if a person's complaints feel untrue and a business is eager to set the record straight, there are very specific protections for whistleblowing. Wisconsin whistleblowers who were wrongfully fired or otherwise retaliated against may choose to bring lawsuits against their employers, both current and former.

Small business law: Do you understand worker privacy?

Running a business requires a certain level of knowledge regarding all facets of daily operations. It is natural for entrepreneurs to have a hand in everything and to know what is going on, especially among workers. However, some business owners feel worried that they may accidentally take things a step or so too far. While worker privacy is protected by small business law, Wisconsin employers are also afforded a certain level of protection when monitoring employees.

Disabled employees still face workplace discrimination

Living with a disability is not easy, but many people still work and lead productive. However, an employee with a disability might need accommodation in the workplace. Not all Wisconsin employers are willing to provide those accommodations, even when they are required to do so by law. Experiencing workplace discrimination because of a disability can be disheartening, so it is important for these individuals to understand their rights.

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