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July 2019 Archives

Workplace discrimination can lead to wrongful termination

Losing a job is a difficult experience, especially if that individual relied on his or her paycheck as a primary source of income. While being laid off or fired is sometimes just a part of the working world, these actions are not always justified. In some cases, workplace discrimination could play a significant role in an employer's decision to terminate a person's employment.

Workplace discrimination persists despite impact on employers

Employees should be hired, compensated and promoted according to their qualifications and workplace performance. Unfortunately, many Wisconsin employers ignore candidates' qualifications, shutting out certain workers. Despite the reality that workplace discrimination based on gender and age has a negative effect on both revenue and reputation, it is still a serious problem.

Is your accent causing problems at work?

The United States is the great melting pot, comprised of talented individuals from around the globe. If you have landed your dream job, though, you may worry about your accent. After all, you may not sound anything like the rest of your coworkers or managers. 

When your religious beliefs conflict with work happy hour

In the past few decades, team building activities have become common in many workplaces in Wisconsin and across the United States. Often, managers invite employees to attend happy hour after work. Over a few drinks, coworkers talk business and pleasure. According to some experts, happy hours improve both workplace happiness and productivity

Will the Paycheck Fairness Act affect small business law?

Small businesses often hire from within the communities in which they operate. Because of this, most business owners are eager to pay their workers both fairly and well. However, the recently introduced Paycheck Fairness Act might be confusing for some people in Wisconsin. Here is what owners should understand how this statute will impact small business law.

Mental illness leaves some vulnerable to workplace discrimination

Health problems in the workplace are a sensitive matter that can be difficult to discuss. Although workplace discrimination on the basis of health is illegal, it still happens in Wisconsin. This issue is particularly complicated for workers who suffer from mental illnesses and need accommodations in the workplace. Unlike other with more visible health problems, demonstrating discrimination based on mental health can be challenging.

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