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5 common workplace issues

On Behalf of | May 3, 2019 | Employment Law |

The workplace is not always pleasant. Given that the average employee spends 30% of his or her life working, any issues can that arise at a job can be overwhelming. If you are dealing with stress or conflict at your job, you may not know how to deal with it.

Workplace problems can range from minor instances of irritation to full-blown illegal discrimination. Here are a few of the most prevalent issues that occur in occupations across industries.

1. Lack of communication from superiors

How you feel about your job is largely dependent on your managers. Good managers know how to partake in healthy two-way communication. When you are aware of what your manager is thinking and feeling, it helps you feel more included and satisfied with your job. But if your manager leaves you in the dark, you may feel confused and left out.

2. Interpersonal conflict

Even if you try to please everyone, sometimes you may encounter someone who you do not get along with. Whether this is with a co-worker, superior or subordinate, disagreements, hostility and tension can cause you to feel miserable at work. This is especially true if the conflict is due to bullying, discrimination or harassment.

3. Inadequate wages

Of course, your pay is likely one of your main employment concerns. Common issues with wages include the following:

  • Lack of overtime pay
  • Unequal pay among co-workers
  • A broken promise of a pay increase

You have a legal right to receive the wages your employer promised you.

4. Being overlooked for a promotion

When you work hard and have the qualifications for a promotion, it can be discouraging to see it go to someone else. Sometimes, this even occurs for discriminatory reasons. Not only can this be disappointing, but it can be potentially illegal.

5. Lack of training

When you start a new job, you should receive formal training so you can properly adjust. Without effective training, you may not be able to do your job in a comfortable and confident manner.