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April 2019 Archives

Company must pay over $329K for employment law violations

Workers in Wisconsin might feel uncertain about what to do if their employer asks them to perform duties outside of their scheduled shifts. Not everyone is aware of their rights in the workplace and might be afraid to refuse to do what feels like a work-related task, even if they are not paid for their time. However, this is a violation of employment law for which employers can be held legally responsible.

Google allegedly still has workplace discrimination problem

From searching the internet to accessing email, many people in Wisconsin use Google's products and services on a regular basis. What these users might not know is that the company is dealing with ongoing issues of workplace discrimination. After two women organized a walkout to protest gender discrimination within the company, Google is facing new accusations.

Employment law: Restaurant owner must pay back wages to workers

Waiters working in Wisconsin restaurants generally rely on their tips to make up the bulk of their wages. However, those tips are supposed to be on top of their otherwise regular wages. When an employer refuses to pay wages to tipped employees, he or she could be held accountable for employment law violations.

Small business law: dealing with trademark infringement

Utilizing unique designs, logos, names and symbols helps set small businesses apart in a world where technology is often vying for customers' attention. Wisconsin business owners often trademark these unique aspects of their company, but that does not necessarily stop other people from infringing on those trademarks. Here are a few things some business owners might find important about trademarks and small business law.

Settlement reached for police chief's workplace discrimination

In a discrimination case that made national headlines, a city in another state recently agreed to pay a settlement to a former police chief. The city also agreed to implement reform in the police department in order to prevent future incidents of the same nature. Obtaining financial compensation and pushing a company or employer to make critical changes are both driving factors in some workplace discrimination claims in Wisconsin.

3 subtle ways your boss might be retaliating

There are many ways your boss may fire back if you complain or act as a whistleblower. If you were being disruptive, these types of sanctions may simply be bad leadership. However, if you were exercising your state or federal rights as an employee, these types of behaviors could constitute a basis for an employment lawsuit.

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