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Posts tagged "Workplace Discrimination"

Chemistry professor files workplace discrimination suit

Although most people pursue careers in science and higher education because of a deep passion for the subject rather than the potential earnings, income still matters. Unfortunately, when it comes to careers in academia and the sciences, some Wisconsin women may still be missing out when it comes to earnings. An out-of-state university recently came under fire in a workplace discrimination lawsuit that accused the institution of engaging in allegedly discriminatory compensation practices.

Former sheriff's deputy settles workplace discrimination suit

Wisconsin residents should be able to go to work without worrying about on-the-job harassment. Sadly, many men and women are still subjected to unjust workplace discrimination each and every day. An out-of-state man recently settled a discrimination suit for what he described as years of racial bias at his place of work -- a sheriff's department.

Riot Games named in workplace discrimination suit

Riot Games, publisher of the popular League of Legends, was recently named in a lawsuit filed by both a current and former employee. The workplace discrimination suit accuses the company of treating its male employees in a preferable manner, and comes several months after a journalistic investigation into claims of sexist behavior at the company. Wisconsin fans of the gaming company might be interested to learn more about the claims behind this suit.

Workplace discrimination is harming pregnant women

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act is supposed to protect female employees in their place of work. Unfortunately, recent reports show that these protections often fall far short of where they should be. Many Wisconsin employers could not only be engaged in workplace discrimination, but it could also be putting the health of their pregnant workers at risk.

Wisconsin woman claims workplace discrimination from Walmart

A Wisconsin woman's experience was apparently the springboard for a recent lawsuit filed against Walmart. Filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the suit claims that the company engaged in workplace discrimination against its pregnant employees. The company has denied the claims, citing its accommodation policies. 

Are targeted ads a form of workplace discrimination?

Gender discrimination in the workplace is a real and ongoing issue, but what about the women who never have the chance to break into certain careers in the first place? Although workplace discrimination in regard to advertising open positions was once thought to be a thing of the past, new technology is causing a comeback. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, American Civil Liberties Union and other agencies are currently pursuing lawsuits against Facebook and other companies for allowing targeted job advertisements that exclude large segments of the population in Wisconsin. 

Victim awarded millions in workplace discrimination suit

Reporting discrimination in the workplace can be a risky decision. For some, the company may take action to end discriminatory behavior and matters might improve. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many victims of workplace discrimination in Wisconsin experience increased hostility and retaliation after submitting complaints. 

Older workers frequent victims of workplace discrimination

With age comes wisdom, but not necessarily job security. Despite years of skills and experience, workers older than 45 years old still face rampant workplace discrimination in Wisconsin. This is true not only employed workers but also for the unemployed who are seeking work. 

Disney named in workplace discrimination suit

For most people in Wisconsin, Disney brings to mind childhood memories of movies and theme park rides. Unfortunately, not everyone has such cheery memories. A former employee recently filed a workplace discrimination lawsuit, claiming that the company engaged in gender bias during her pregnancy. 

Workplace discrimination suit alleges museum acted improperly

Having a child is a joyful experience for most Wisconsin parents. Unfortunately, treatment in the workplace can overshadow this joyful occasion for some women. An out-of-state mother claims that she was the victim of workplace discrimination when a potential employer rescinded an offer of employment upon learning that she had recently had a child.

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