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Workplace Discrimination Archives

CEO replacement report seems to indicate workplace discrimination

Many businesses in Wisconsin and all across the nation refer to a glass ceiling – an invisible barrier that prevents certain groups of people from advancing to the top organizational levels in the workplace. While any minority group may face this barrier, women have traditionally been the group synonymous with this form of workplace discrimination. Recently, an outplacement firm published a report on CEO replacements that confirmed the ongoing issue of gender gap in the country.

Former college worker wins workplace discrimination suit

An out-of-state woman recently won a discrimination claim against her former employer in that jurisdiction, a local college. Her workplace discrimination lawsuit accused the college of engaging in discriminatory practices when hiring and paying senior administrators. She alleged that she was underpaid because of her age and gender, and that complaints about this ultimately led to her termination. Unfortunately, this type of retaliation still occurs in Wisconsin.

Another plaintiff joins Google workplace discrimination suit

Tech-giant Google denies that it pays female employees less than their male peers, but it is currently facing strong opposition to this statement. Not only has the U.S. Department of Labor complained that Google has a gender-based pay gap, but it is also facing a class-action lawsuit that alleges the same. There are currently at least four plaintiffs in the workplace discrimination suit, and the outcome could have implications for workers across Wisconsin and the rest of the United States.

42 percent of women report experiencing workplace discrimination

Most Wisconsin workers want the same thing -- to be treated with respect and dignity at their place of employment. Workplace discrimination undermines this and often creates and fosters hostile environments, in which otherwise competent workers struggle. Women in particular seem to bear the brunt of much of this discrimination.

Fire department accused of years of workplace discrimination

Most Wisconsin employees expect to be treated with fairness and dignity in the workplace. Unfortunately, workplace discrimination is still very much alive. Many people continue to be passed over for promotions, given unjustly negative performance reviews and subjected to other forms of discrimination.

Pregnant women still face ongoing workplace discrimination

Having a child is often one of the greatest joys for Wisconsin parents. However, many working women struggle with telling their employer or potential future employer that they are expecting. Workplace discrimination against pregnant women is a real and ongoing issue with which many women struggle, and it may impact their ability to find and maintain gainful employment.

Workplace discrimination allegedly rampant at Tesla factory

Work should be a safe environment in which employees can complete their assigned tasks without worry. Unfortunately, many people in Wisconsin and across the rest of the United States continue to face ongoing discrimination from their employers. Several workers recently accused auto manufacturer Tesla of serious acts of workplace discrimination at one of its facilities.

Workplace discrimination an issue in the technology industry

Many individuals in Wisconsin and elsewhere place a great deal of time and effort into pursuing employment within their preferred field. While hard work may generally pay off, in some cases, even the most qualified employee could be subjected to unfair treatment due to discrimination. Workplace discrimination is a serious issue for individuals in a variety of professions, perhaps none more so than in the technology industry.