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Whistleblowing Archives

City, police bureau faced with whistleblowing lawsuit

Employees in Wisconsin and elsewhere around the country are often asked to evaluate various work processes and procedures as part of their jobs. Their reports may include findings of inefficiencies and result in recommendations for improvements to the systems involved. However, an employee in another state claims he experienced discrimination after he identified a massive amount of waste in an IT system. He has filed a whistleblowing complaint, stating that his career has been threatened after he raised the issue of waste in the company.

Improvements to whistleblowing legislation

Most employees in Wisconsin and elsewhere around the nation go to their jobs every day, expecting safe and ethical working environments. If they were to discover practices that violate that safety or ethics, they should be able to report the violations without fear of retaliation from their employers. Whistleblowing laws have been established to protect workers from such retaliation.  A lawmaker has recently introduced legislation that would increase protection for whistleblowers in another state.

Whistleblowing costs man his job

Reporting improper behavior in the workplace can be stressful. Although Wisconsin workers likely hope that whistleblowing will help, most understand that doing the right thing can have consequences. Retaliation and even wrongful termination are not uncommon experiences for whistleblowers, but victims have options to pursue just compensation for their damages.

Whistleblowing efforts generally stem from concern

Employees are expected to perform their jobs in an appropriate manner. There are often specific ways that things should be done, and employers usually insist their employees follow all established guidelines and procedures. At least this is the case in most Wisconsin workplaces. However, in some instances, the employer chooses to take shortcuts, undermining the health and safety of workers, which can lead to an employee informing the proper authorities about such questionable practices. However, although protected by law, that employee may face retaliation on the job for his or her whistleblowing.

Whistleblowing VA dentist placed on administrative leave

VA patients rely on timely consultations and treatments for their injuries, many of which might be severe or stemming from their service in the armed forces. Unfortunately, VA patients in Wisconsin and elsewhere often face long wait times, and one dentist claims she knows why. Currently in an administrative position as a result of being targeted for whistleblowing, she blames much of the dental care weight times on paperwork.