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Employment law: FMLA advocates want addition of paid leave

The Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, was passed 25 years ago. This act had major implications in employment law for Wisconsin employees and others all across the nation. While the FMLA provides protection for workers when they must take off work for medical-related reasons, the time off they receive is unpaid. Many advocates believe that some level of paid leave is needed for workers.

Does employment law protect against retaliation?

Wisconsin employees are often forced into difficult situations when dealing with unlawful behavior at work -- suffer through it, or report it and face possible retaliation. Employment law is clear that employers may not retaliate against workers who bring misconduct to their attention. Unfortunately, an untold number of Wisconsin workers continue to face volatile work environments for trying to report unlawful incidents or behaviors.

Class action suits against Menards alleging wage law violations

Here at Cross Law Firm, S.C., we represent workers in Wisconsin, Illinois and across the country in individual and class action lawsuits against employers that ignore federal and state wage-and-hour laws. Anyone wondering whether his or her employer follows the law regarding required overtime; pay for training and during breaks; requests for work off the clock; classification as a salaried versus hourly employee; treatment as an independent contractor instead of an employee; minimum wage; unreasonable shifts; and other similar issues should speak with an attorney to understand potential legal remedies.