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Employment Law Archives

Employment law: Company accused of wrongful termination

Employees in Wisconsin and elsewhere across the country have the right to a safe working environment on the job. Employment law dictates that a worker should be able to refuse to work in a situation that might be unsafe. However, a man in another state claims he was terminated after he told his employer he would not work in an unsafe situation.

Employment law: Negotiating severance package can be challenging

Whenever the economy is uncertain, some struggling businesses in Wisconsin might consider letting some of the staff go. In many cases, the first ones to be offered severance packages are the older workers. The shock of losing a job in a career they have built over many years might cause workers to focus on their misfortune rather than securing the best possible severance package in compliance with employment law.

Employment law: Restaurant manager accused of harassment

Restaurants in Wisconsin and all around the country are the workplaces for many employees. In these hectic working environments, employment law experts note there are certain to be conflicts and misunderstandings among the employees. However, some current and former workers of a restaurant in another state have a more serious situation at hand. They allege that a manager at the restaurant was involved in inappropriate sexual conduct and workplace harassment.

Why won't my former employer give me a reference?

If you left your last job in good standing, you are likely hoping to keep professional connections with that employer in the future. These become especially important if you decide to seek employment again. Having a former employer provide a reference can make a big difference in your ability to earn a new job.

Employment law: FMLA advocates want addition of paid leave

The Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, was passed 25 years ago. This act had major implications in employment law for Wisconsin employees and others all across the nation. While the FMLA provides protection for workers when they must take off work for medical-related reasons, the time off they receive is unpaid. Many advocates believe that some level of paid leave is needed for workers.

3 ways to deal with a stressful job

As a medical office administrator in Milwaukee, you pride yourself on your ability to stay cool and calm in the face of adversity. Your job requires you to multitask and meet tight deadlines while maintaining the highest standards. Though your employer pays you, it might not be enough to fairly compensate you for the high levels of stress that come with the position. 

Is your HR department the right place to lodge a complaint?

Let us say that at your place of work you are having issues with someone making unwelcome advances. This person is highly placed in the company, and you are afraid to say anything because she has the power to demote you, or even fire you.

How Do Non-Competes Affect Employee Mobility?

Contracts that prevent employees from working at an employer's competitor in the future are becoming more common in many kinds of professions. Agreements not to compete, called noncompetes, can also prohibit former employees from seeking out business from former clients. These contracts are a relatively simple way for companies to protect business interests.

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