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Think Before You Go To Human Resources With A Complaint

If you have a problem at work and decide to take action, most likely your first thought is to go to human resources. This is a natural inclination for most employees. But depending on the details of your situation, it is not always a wise decision. In fact, it could end up hurting you in the long run.

Employment law attorneys with experience in these situations can explain why complaining to HR is a bad idea. This article, written by a former human resources investigator, also provides interesting insight about the negative impact to employees when they do so. Here are few reasons why it is in your interest to consult an attorney, rather than human resources, before filing an internal complaint:

Problems At Work? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Quit Yet

It’s another work day. If you are unhappy at your job, just the thought of it most likely fills you with dread. Then a quick look at your calendar shows you also have a meeting with your boss today. The level of dread multiplies, and once again, you find yourself thinking about quitting.

Not so fast. Many articles and career help websites will encourage people to leave a job if something has changed and they are no longer passionate about working there. But an employment law attorney will give you much different advice. If you have been the target of retaliation or discrimination at work, quitting your job can seriously hurt your case against the employer.