Cross Law Firm, S.C. was very helpful. Once I explained my case, they worked very fast and efficiently to get me justice. My case was settled in just 2 months time. I highly recommend Cross Law Firm, S.C. for your Employment and Business Law needs.

Charles, restaurant employee 2014

I came in contact with Cross Law firm in regards to an employer refusing to pay last pay check. After dealing with the Labor board that kept stating that they were 2 years behind in cases, I decided to contact the law firm. I was dealing with Katherine Gaumond regarding the matter. She resolved the issue quickly. What I like the most is that they are not afraid to come in the computer age and do most everything that they can electronically. In my opinion, that is the fastest way to get information to another party. So the case was settled and I know at least one party was has happy.

Thanks again for everything and will be contacting you again in the nearest future. Have given your name to several people already. Highly recommend the Firm.

Dawn 2014

Called Cross Law Firm late on a Friday afternoon with an emergency. We got an immediate interview with their paralegal and then an immediate call from Attorney Katherine Gaumond who then already had the background information. Her willingness to listen and troubleshoot the problem while respecting our position was instrumental in helping us reach a satisfactory solution.

We really appreciate the service, the knowledge, and the attention to the emergency needs of clients and potential clients. I'm glad I've been referring people to your firm for years. (And yes, some of them have consulted with you.) I will most definitely continue to do so.

Signed, Very Satisfied 2014

I contacted Attorney Nola Cross summer 2008. My employment had been terminated after I wrote to the Board of Directors a letter with my concerns about the Company's involvement in wrong doing. Nola met with me, immediately the next day after our initial phone conversation on the holiday weekend Saturday morning. I was impressed!

From the very beginning to the successful resolution, Nola and her staff were working hard to resolve the case. Attorney Cross guided me through the whole litigation process, asking questions, collecting information, interviewing people, and putting evidence together. I would never come to this kind resolution with a Company without their diligent work.

I would never hesitate to contact her law firm again and strongly recommend them to anyone who needs a legal advice, representation or finds himself/herself in a similar situation.

The only regret I have that I was waiting for almost two years and contacted Nola only after my termination. I wish I did not wait. If I have ever to give advice to a person in need, I would say: document everything and call Nola Cross law firm right away!

I would like to thank attorney Nola Cross and her staff for doing wonderful job in resolving my case.

Director, February 2013

Nola J. Hitchcock Cross' vast experience, has made her support invaluable in our decisions over the years.

Maria Louisa Hitchcock de Medina, Small Business Owner, 2014

Thank you and I really appreciate your assistance regarding this matter. It would have been nice to meet you in person but I have been very impressed working with you and your firm. As you know, these type of matters are never pleasant or easy to work through but you made the process easier for me. Thanks again.

Russell, 2013

Cross Law Firm helped me through a difficult situation with a former employer. Katherine Gaumond walked me through the process and made it easy. She answered all of my questions, no matter how trivial (even on the weekend!). The commitment and attention she gave to me helped resolve the situation in a timely and cost-effective manner. Her warmth and professionalism made me confident in her ability to achieve the best possible outcome because she took the time to understand my point of view. I would highly encourage and recommend her legal service to anyone in need.

Beth, 2014

To Cross Law Firm:
I wanted to take a moment to express how very grateful I am to you for your belief in and support of me during this very difficult process. I am so appreciative to have found you/your firm as my legal representative in this matter. Thank you Janice Pintar for your patience, understanding, and ability to allow me to express my anxieties and concerns and fears throughout this entire process, while still being able to retain a shred of dignity without any embarrassment for sharing too much.

I would recommend anybody your firm. Your fees are very reasonable, you were always available to me and, we were able to settle positively after a long ,difficult process.

Thank you.

Discrimination client, 2013

I am very grateful to Janice M. Pintar for her professionalism while representing me in a discrimination lawsuit. When I initially came to Cross Law Firm, S.C. for representation, I was very scared because I wasn't sure how I could handle this alone if they did not take my case. Janice was Tough, Proactive, and Thorough and she and Attorney Katherine Gaumond made me feel like I was in the right hands. Discrimination of any kind is never ok. With the help of Janice and Katherine, we were able to settle this case with a great deal of satisfaction. I am very happy that I decided to enlist Cross Law Firm, S.C. to represent me in this lawsuit. I hope that others that are going through a similar situation decide to contact Cross Law Firm, I did....and I made the right decision.

Thank you Janice and Katherine...thank you Cross Law Firm, S.C.

Very Grateful Former Client 2013

To Cross Law Firm:
Shortly after I opposed sexual harassment of a secretary by the Vice President of the Company, he dismissed me under false pretenses. I filed a Fair Employment Law and Complaint Process with the State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Center, I won this initial step and realized that in order to continue, I was going to need legal representation. This is when I contacted Cross Law Firm. After two years of dealing with my former employer in court, Cross Law Firm was able to favorably settle my case. The attorneys' expertise and knowledge was the crucial motivation that kept me going. They were ready for the current and future steps of the case, at the time. I strongly recommend these attorneys for anyone who may be in need of their employment rights to be protected.

Supervisor- shipping and transportation industry 2013

Dear Attorney Pintar,
Thank you for your time and valuable advice. Your knowledge made my decision more comfortable knowing that I was doing the best for my family and myself. My neighbor/friend/HR adviser was pleased of my evaluation of your service and stated he would recommend Cross Law firm in the future to people in situations needing your expertise. Thank you again for giving me peace of mind!

Signed by former client, 2014

Thank you and I really appreciate your assistance regarding this matter. It would have been nice to meet you in person but I have been very impressed working with you and your firm. As you know, these type of matters are never pleasant or easy to work through but you made the process easier for me. Thanks again.

Russell, 2013

Have you ever raised legal/discrimination issues about yourself or others and then found yourself the victim of retaliation? The retaliation can creep up on you slowly at first and then become unbearable. Most people are afraid of termination and say nothing and do not contact a law firm. They generally call a law firm AFTER they are fired.

I was the victim of retaliation for reporting a workplace discrimination issue. Before you quit your job or take action due to wrongful termination, perceived performance issues, or a hostile work environment, PLEASE contact Nola Cross first. Nola will let you know immediately if she can help you and what you need to do to protect yourself and your job. If you quit or take action before talking to her, it may be too late, you can't undo what is done.

It is critical to keep documentation or a log of the specific events. Keep tract of your past performance; bonuses, raises, stock options, rewards, and any other supporting documentation.
This process will take months, your first goal is always to keep your employment no matter how difficult the situation is. A steady revenue stream is very important during these difficult times.

It is difficult to prove wrongful termination or discrimination, but if you continue to work and file a claim and your employer retaliates or changes your job, then you have a more solid case. Again, this takes time and patience.
Nola and her staff helped me through a similar situation. I could not have gotten through these times without her guidance and help. I highly recommend her services.

Senior Technology Manager
2013 Cross Law Firm, S.C. Client

I contacted Cross Law Firm in September 2011 and in a few short months, my former employer and I were able to come to a reasonable compromise. Attorney Chad Winters' knowledge of the law and attention to detail made me feel confident that I put my case into the right hands. Mr. Winters answered my questions thoroughly and presented his explanation in language that is understandable, Mr Winters is a valuable asset to Cross Law Firm and I recommend anyone seeking legal advice to contact Cross Law Firm.

Theresa M. Krueger, former Cross Law Firm client

Attorney Chad Winters was very professional in handling my case. He was also compassionate in listening to my questions and thorough in answering them. He was very knowledgeable regarding the laws and regulations that affected my case. I would highly recommend Chad Winters as an attorney to others.

Shauna Kostick, 2011 Cross Law Firm client

I consulted with Nola on a business matter which I thought should be addressed with my previous employer as a wrongful discharge. I did not realize the full implications of what had happened to me. After thoroughly reviewing my information, Nola advised me that my dismissal was directly connected with my efforts to get the company to discontinue fraudulent Medicare billing.

What would have been a very small five or six figure settlement at best turned out to be a 2.3 million dollar reward for me and a 13 million dollar settlement for the Federal Government.
I cannot thank Nola and her team enough for all the work they did on this case. At times I was discouraged, but they were understanding of my frustration, always treated me in a kind and sensitive manner, arranged meetings around my work schedule and persisted to win a victory for the Federal Government, the taxpayers and myself.

If you are looking for the very best in legal representation do not hesitate to call Nola Cross at Cross Law Firm.

JoAnn Russell
Qui Tam client

Having worked with Cross Law Firm over 7 years ago, I was pleased with the results they were able to achieve at the time.

Recently, I was again in need of professional assistance, and I did not hesitate to turn to Cross Law Firm. Once again the results were very positive.

Through their professional persistence, Cross Law Firm was successful in achieving all of the goals I had set out to accomplish, including a 75% increase in monetary benefit. Should I need any employment guidance, or representation in the future, Cross Law Film will certainly be the firm I will retain.

Thank you Nola & Team!

2007 client - Elkhorn, WI

Dear Attorney Cross,

I received my copy of the letter your office sent to my employer. There are no words to express my feelings of gratitude. That letter definitely makes our position known without any doubt. I feel so fortunate that you agreed to represent me in this matter.

Thank You,
IT Executive, Milwaukee

Hi Attorney Cross,

I enjoyed our meeting on Friday and I think you are a very professional and impressive attorney. The trip to Milwaukee is definitely worth it to obtain your services and thanked my friends for recommending you.

I also would like to thank your staff for their directions and kindness while I was there.

Sue Stordeur

Thank you for representing me in the matter of my recently terminated employment. Right from the start, you anticipated and answered my questions even before I asked them. You also addressed related situations that could affect me. I am very impressed with your knowledge of employment law and your skill in negotiations that led to a successful conclusion. I could not have found better representation than you. You're the best!

Client - Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Attorney Cross,

I received the check from ____ today. Please let me know my outstanding balance and I will send payment immediately. Thanks again for all of your assistance. I am certain I could not have reached such a settlement without your help.

To Attorney Nola Hitchcock Cross:

I owe you a great debt of appreciation of all of the effort you have extended on my behalf. I will look back on my association with you and your staff as a great turning point in my career. If there is ever anything that I may do for you or you're Firm please do not hesitate to call upon me. I will drop whatever I am doing to respond to any reasonable request you may make to me.

Susan Appleget, 2008

Knowledgeable, strategic and professional.

I am very satisfied with the work your Attorney did with my case. Besides being professional and supportive of me, he emotionally guided me through a terrible time, and I am very satisfied with the resolution of my case.

All of the staff is friendly and courteous, and receptionist Jennifer Speed goes above and beyond the kind of service you normally get from receptionists.

If I need legal work in the future, Ill definitely come back to Cross Law Firm and use your Attorney again.

Flora McAllister
April 11, 2008

Out of State Client (name withheld due to confidential settlement)

Nola met with me for the initial consultation, and we discussed the merits of the case in detail. I appreciate Cross Law Firm's practice which specializes in representing wronged employees, since so many law firms represent employers with deep pockets, and it is difficult to know who to trust when your life is turned upside down. As a Senior Executive with an impeccable record and history of promotions, I was summarily dismissed when I attempted to do what was right along ethical and legal lines. Nola was thorough in gathering relevant details in the case and framing the pertinent legal issues. It was refreshing to have a confidante that understood what I was going through, we worked well together, and as a result of our combined efforts in fighting for what is right, we reached a successful result in mediation without the need to move to trial. January, 2009

Attorney Cross,

I can't tell you how satisfied I am with your law firm. After trying to enlist the services of two other law firms who would not return my calls, I was thrilled when I got an actual person on the phone the first time I called your office. Then to get a call from you just an hour later knowing that my situation was time-sensitive showed how quickly you made me a priority.

Pursuing a sexual discrimination case was not easy but you made the process as smooth as possible. I never imagined getting a sizeable settlement without having to go to court or having to expose the case to the world.

Thank you for your time, attention and tenacity with my difficult case.

Department Store Buyer, June 2009

Dear Attorney Hitchcock Cross,

After 23 years of teaching in Wisconsin, I found myself faced with a situation I could have never predicted. The school district I was employed by, for whatever reasons, no longer needed my services, but had no reasons to terminate my employment. After three quarters of a school year, many sleepless nights and little support from the teachers union I found Cross Law Firm. I researched many law firms specializing in Labor law and Employee's Rights and was able to narrow my search down to the Cross Law Firm.

I met with Attorney Nola Hitchcock Cross to see if I had a case. I presented my information and Nola explained my options clearly to me and in understandable terms. I retained Attorney Hitchcock Cross that day. When I left the Cross legal building that day, I had a sense of relief that money cannot buy. My time was well spent and I felt a sense of hope for the first time in many months. I also felt like there was someone out there who understood what I was going through and that what was happening to me was just not ethical. I wasn't alone.

During this time the union and school district threw up many road blocks and made communication towards reaching an agreement difficult. This did not discourage Attorney Hitchcock Cross whatsoever.

Nola conducted some difficult conversations in order to reach an agreement with my best interest in mind. She negotiated and pointed out necessary changes to terminology in a written agreement on my behalf. During this entire ordeal with the school district, I knew Attorney Hitchcock Cross had my back.

By working with Attorney Hitchcock Cross during this difficult, life changing experience, I had the peace of mind and the support I needed for a clear vision of my future.

Thank you,
Wisconsin Special Education Teacher
July 2009

The attorney with Cross Law Firm helped me in many more ways than I could describe regarding the sexual harassment I suffered on the job. He listened to me and he really cared about not only the case, but how I felt and ways that we could make getting through the case easier on me. Through-out my entire case the CLF attorney was very supportive and if I had any questions, I could count on an honest and timely answer. If you are going through a hard time, and you feel like you need expert advice, but on a human level- then I would recommend Cross Law Firm to anybody.

Receptionist, 2009 settlement

"I never thought in 100 years that I would ever have to hire an attorney regarding an employment situation. I found myself in a situation and I contacted Cross Law Firm. Nola sat down with me and listened to my situation. Through her guidance we were able to determine that I was correct in contacting her, and that I did have a case. Nolas expertise and persistence in dealing with the situation allowed me to resolve the situation and obtain a desired outcome. I would not hesitate to recommend Cross Law Firm for any employment related issues.

Janet Mitchell, 2010"

"A colleague referred me to Cross Law Firm after finding out about my employment situation. Her mother had a similar discrimination claim that Cross Law Firm resolved years earlier.

My claim was settled out of court and I received back pay and a salary adjustment. However, the most significant outcome of my settlement was that my pension calculation was modified, resulting in a substantial monthly increase. I'll forever be grateful to Cross Law Firm.

Denise – Milwaukee 2010"

Attorney Cross:

I do not know how to thank you enough on helping me maintain my employment with my present employer. You helped my employer understand my condition of depression and getting accommodations at my place of employment. Both of you were very understanding and supportive through my struggles at work and at home, when nobody else would. I do not know where I would be if it was not for Cross Law Firms help and expertise after being terminated by my employer.

I can proudly state that I maintaining at work and on the road of recovery for my condition. It is nice to know that there are real people out in world that really care for you and your rights as a person and employee. I would recommend Cross Law Firms to anyone.

Thank you once again, because it is nice to smile again.

Maintenance Manager 2010

I am impressed with the professionalism I encountered at Cross Law Firm. The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and I felt my claim was in good hands. When I was referred to Cross Law Firm, I did not know what to expect with the cost, but I was surprised at how reasonable the fees were. I was also impressed that my e-mails and phone calls were returned in a timely manner. I feel happy with the outcome of my case, and I will definitely recommend Cross Law Firm to friends and family that have a need for representation in employment and business matters.

Natalie K 2010

My experience with Cross Law Firm was very satisfactory. I was in a dispute with a company that had many Hispanic employees and Cross Law Firm always had someone available that spoke Spanish to communicate with some of the witnesses.

Because of the distance of where I lived from their offices, everything was handled over the phone and through the mail. Cross Law Firm made everything very easy to understand and helped me settle my claim out of court. I recommend their services to anyone who has a dispute with an employer

Alisha 2010 Wausau

Dear Bryn,

I want to thank you so much for representing me in my unemployment case. I am very grateful for your hard work and dedication.

My only regret is that I did not consult with you BEFORE the first hearing…thank goodness you believed in me and you turned it around…

I haven't ever experienced anything like this ever, so when it came time to look for an attorney, your firm was very highly recommended to me by and old friend of my mother's. Well of course, he does not handle cases such as mine…but he advised me to call Cross Law Firm…he said your firm was the best to call…that was very good advice indeed!

I would not hesitate to call Cross Law Firm if ever I needed any future legal needs…I also will refer your firm if ever I get the chance…

Thank you!
April Spingola


My family & I are very grateful for all the assistance we received on my sexual harassment case. Your knowledge of the law & persistence to get me the best settlement went above and beyond anything we could have expected. Not only did you encourage me to stay strong, you also made me feel important & relevant. Your words always made me feel like I had made the right decision. I will highly recommend you & Cross Law Firm to anyone that needs employment legal counsel.

Thank you,

Julie – settlement 2010


I am so proud of your fine work. Your work on my case has been nothing less then lifesaving at a time in my life when I lost my Mother, my best friend. And, at a time in my life when I lost my job at the VA...a job that meant the world to me.

You stood by my side when I was difficult to deal with...for that, I consider you the finest and most experienced attorney on the face of the earth.

Thank you Nola, from the bottom of my heart. I'm so happy we have settled.

God Bless.

Attorney Chad Winters at Cross Law Firm was very professional in handling my case. He was also companionate in listening to my questions and thorough in answering them. He was very knowledgeable regarding the laws and regulations that affected my case. I would highly recommend Chad Winters as an attorney to others.

January 2012, Sexual Harassment Victim