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Employment Law

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As part of our full service employment law practice, we handle complex employment litigation in all forums in Wisconsin , federal court and around the country. We also appear before the Wisconsin equal rights agencies and the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (nation-wide), the National Labor Relations Board (nation-wide) and the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission. We handle matters before Civil Service Commissions, Police & Fire Commissions, Regulation & Licensing Boards, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Department of Labor, OSHA, tribal courts and numerous other employment tribunals, including for various types of alternative dispute resolution.

Employment Agreements


Every employee and professional should contact an attorney before signing any type of contract or agreement; in reality, few do. We provide assistance in the review, revision and negotiation of a variety of employment contracts, including, non-compete covenants, no-solicitation agreements, confidentiality and intellectual property contracts, and severance agreements. Non-compete agreements often require immediate injunctive action and the assistance of an experienced employment attorney can make a significant difference. We also advise employees and executives on the validity of previously signed employment agreements and handle litigation in all employment contract areas.

Small Business

We handle employment and professional agreements on a variety of levels. We have drafted everything from key employee retention contracts to severance agreements. When you want to protect your business interests, we can create no-solicitation and confidentiality agreements and non-compete contracts. Enforceability is our absolute goal. If you are a new business and want to find a way to retain key employees, we can craft a retention agreement that will encourage the employees you need to stay with you long enough to make a difference. We can assist you to draft personnel policies to reduce the potential for legal liability so your business can concentrate on its operations.

Pre-termination Intervention / Employment Counseling

Operating with the concept that pro-active intervention is often the best course of action, we work to resolve employment problems before they happen and as they are occurring. For some employees and executives, this means counseling or ghost-writing for the client to resolve the matter directly with the company with the attorney entirely in the background. For other clients, it means taking immediate action with the employer to assert a claim or resolve the matter on a win-win basis if possible. When you see the "handwriting on the wall" or a new manager is causing problems for you, give us a call for assistance before the situation escalates.

Employment Discrimination

We handle all types of employment discrimination matters from preliminary advice, to federal litigation. This includes claims under the Wisconsin fair employment statutes; the Americans with Disabilities Act; Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (as amended), the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Equal Pay Act, and many, many other protections such as against bankruptcy, military status, use or non-use of lawful protects, honesty testing, medical privacy and all other employment protections.

We approach employment discrimination cases differently than most other firms because our strategy is driven by our client’s goals. Often, we may merely negotiate a small enhancement to a severance benefit or clear an employee’s record so he or she can move forward in a career without a scarred record or damaged savings account. In other cases, when the road leads to an administrative hearing or jury trial, we have the experience and resources to see the matter through to an optimal resolution.

The Wausau employment discrimination attorneys at Cross Law Firm, S.C. have more than 30 years experience assisting:

  • professors
  • judges
  • court commissioners
  • district attorneys
  • police chiefs
  • fire chiefs
  • chief deputies
  • CEOs and CFO's
  • physicians and other health care employees
  • accountants
  • principals and teachers
  • office workers
  • technical employees
  • blue collar workers
  • and all other types of employees

Sexual, Racial & All Forms of Harassment

Sexual, racial, and other forms of harassment have no place in the workplace. We have years of experience with sexual and racial harassment as well as harassment against employees with disabilities or against the foreign born. If you need a race, sex, religion, national origin, physical disability, or age discrimination attorney in Wisconsin, contact us. We are often able to achieve cessation of harassment by contacting and educating an employer that has no interest in encouraging litigation. When co-operation cannot be achieved, we may recommend and pursue litigation.

Pay and Benefits Litigation and Resolution

Pay and benefits litigation is an emerging body of law and a fertile ground for litigation when resolution cannot be achieved. Uninformed and unfunded employers frequently violate wage and hour laws, including overtime pay requirements, ERISA, COBRA, and short-term and long-term disability insurance laws and plan requirements, thereby inviting lawsuits. We assist small business and community organizations with compliance and assert and enforce employee rights and protections. Class actions are particularly appropriate in this area.

Employment Damages Litigation

Cross Law Firm pursues compensatory and punitive damages claims for our clients who have been the victims of libel and slander, intentional infliction of emotional distress, detrimental reliance (estoppel), tortious interference with business relationships, anticipatory breach and other employment torts. When initially meeting with a client, we assess the primary claim as well as viable secondary claims, both for the potential of damages recovery and the impact on settlement.

Wrongful Discharge

Wisconsin wrongful discharge law has been expanding over the last two decades and now provides wider coverage for terminated employees or those who are forced to terminate under certain circumstances (constructive discharge). In addition to general common law covering wrongful discharge, employees may also be protected by specific statute if they engaged in other legally protected types of conduct.


We work to both protect whistleblowers against retaliation, and to further the issues they have advanced, where appropriate. Often employees and executives are unaware of whistleblower protections, which are not consistent throughout the various areas of employment. We have a particular focus on government contracts, where the Federal False Claims Act may be involved, as recovery for whistleblowing employees can be substantial, provided strict confidentiality so the matter can be filed under seal. .

Unemployment Compensation

We handle unemployment compensation as a stand-alone claim and in relationship to a larger claim for wrongful discharge, discrimination, and other employment disputes. Often unemployment compensation hearings provide an initial opportunity to obtain information from an employer which can be used to support other employment claims. We also represent small businesses against unfounded unemployment compensation claims.

Workers’ Compensation, Social Security Disability, Safety & Health

Unfortunately, many individuals with related claims do not benefit from coordination between the law firms handling their claims. When your workers compensation and disability accommodation claims are handled by two different firms that are not coordinating efforts on your behalf, all claims are weakened as a result. You need our experience when it comes to safety and health (OSHA) issues.

Government Employees

Both the substantive law and the procedure for state, county, municipal and federal employees are extremely different than the laws and process covering private sector employees. Special considerations apply to government employees because of potential constitutional and due process claims, the unique exhaustion procedures, and the morass of procedural requirements within governmental employment. Experience in representing federal, state, county and municipal employees is crucial when handling these matters.


When doctors, lawyers and even judges need legal advice, we often get the call. License reporting issues, partnerships, and reputation and special pay practices are but a few of the special legal concerns of professionals.


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